JP Sipilä (1981, Helsinki, Finland) is a poet and video artist. Sipilä creates compositions that generate tranquil moving images in relation to poetic texts that leave traces and balances on the edge of recognition.


His poems appear as dreamlike fragments where the ”I” is never stable. By applying a poetic and often fragmented language, Sipilä creates emotional, meaningful poems regardless of if the works are written on paper, displayed on screen or composed within installations.


Sleight of Tree
This is a poem installation. I have no words left to explain this one. Swoon did, he said “It is beautiful, pure, and, as with every good book or record, it invites your return.”




Silent Scene
This fragmented filmpoem circulates around the themes of alienation. The sound are by Machifabriek and Samuli Sailo, and Roomet Jakapi.




You Knew It Already
This little filmpoem is based on one single idea. I made it before the COP15 for obvious reasons. Nothing changed…




+ more
And then there’s much more. Some of them are in Finnish.



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“And it may in fact mean
something after all.”